This Is The Fun Way To Familiarize Your Kids With YOGA
How you can help your kids to be physically active, have fun and build self-confidence at the same time!

Take a look inside... 3 out of 20 poses:

This is what you get...

  • 20 coloring pages with the little YOGINI as PDF file Download
  • This means 20 different Yoga Poses with names, the little Yogini in the asana and the matching animal or element!
  • Combine the fun of coloring with learning yoga all in one!
  • Recommended for kids from 4 years up
  • Get immediate access and get started right away
  • Download once and print as often as you need 
  • Keep your kids busy with a meaningful task for many hours

Step #1: Choose your coloring book

Take a look inside... 3 out of 20 poses:

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Grab it NOW for ONLY 5.49$

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GET  20 Digital Templates with YOGA Poses from YOGINI.

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